Semaglutide Starter Payment Plan

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Ozempic is the new weight loss GAME CHANGER. It works by helping to reset metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and controlling appetite / cravings. Ozempic was initially developed to treat diabetes and during research it was found to dramatically help people lose weight.  Semaglutide, is the generic version of Ozempic / Wegovy.
The generic version Semiglutide allows for affordability and accessibility to every day consumers looking to attain a healthy weight.

Dr. Gater makes it easy to start a Semaglutide weight loss journey without leaving home.  Dr. Gater’s 10 week Semaglutide costs much less, and includes health coaching. Health coaching is important because without making small lifestyle changes and understanding how to eat for your individual body composition, it is difficult to maintain weight loss. 

What does the Starter® Plan include?

Delivery every 30 days

  • An individualized doctor consultation
  • 10 weeks of brand Ozempic or generic semaglutide weight loss medicine
  • Ondansetron medication to help with potential side effect nausea
PLEASE NOTE: This is a payment plan. Your final dose of medicine will not be administered until after the final payment has been made. Any cancellation will forfeit your prescription and you will have to start the program over at additional costs. 

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Pharmacy shipping time of your first vial of medicine may take up to 14-21 days due to high volume. 

California Residents: This product does not ship to California

*To determine which Phase you should start on, please view our chart*