Meet Dr. Gater

A force to be reckoned with, Dr. Jameelah Gater, M.D. wears many hats, including entrepreneur, physician, TV personality, wife and philanthropist. Dr. Gater's focus is to help her clients live their best lives through health and wellness.  She specializes in weight loss, health coaching and aesthetic procedure.

Dr. Gater is a board certified Family Medicine Physician with a focus on integrative and emergency medicine. Dr. Jameelah enjoys working toward better health with her patients by combining conventional medicine with evidence based complementary and alternative therapies. As an entrepreneur seeking to deliver high quality care, Dr. Gater started a Concierge medicine practice in conjunction with her husband Dr. Richardson in 2013 as well as an urgent care " Lake Oconee Primary and Urgent Care." In addition to her busy medical practices, Dr. Gater enjoys public speaking and educating patients. She currently served as resident medical expert on the television show, Lauren Lake's paternity court.