Frequently Asked Questions About Ozempic

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a simple, once a week injection that can help people lose weight. Ozempic was originally developed as a medication for diabetics to help level out their blood sugar. During clinical studies, it was discovered that patients lost and average of 9 to 14 pounds while taking Ozempic.

How Does Ozempic work?

Ozempic’s active ingredient is called semaglutide. Semaglutide mimics a natural
hormone in the body known as GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide). GLP-1 has multiple effects on blood sugar in the body. Ozempic lower fasting and post-meal blood sugar by stimulating natural, steady insulin release and limiting sugar release from liver stores. It also causes food to release a little slower from the stomach. This causes the release of a natural hormone (incretin) which signals the feeling of fullness and tells your brain to stop eating. Taking Ozempic results
in natural hormone release that can result in feel full (controlling hunger), craving reduction, improvement blood sugar regulation and decreased body fat (storage).

Does Ozempic actually work?

In multiple clinical trials , Ozempic demonstrated consistent, significant weight loss. For more in-depth clinical information, see research studies section.

Why is Ozempic a game changer?

Ozempic is a weight loss game changer for multiple reasons. First, unlike other weight loss meds, Ozempic is not just a “quick fix.” Ozempic works to help reverse biologic changes in your body that lead to weight gain and cause weight gain to persist. Ozempic helps to balance insulin and cortisol which in turn helps break the negative cycle of hunger hormones. There are two basic metabolic subtypes of obesity. One is based on excess cortisol due to stress where fatis stored as visceral (belly) fat. Visceral (belly) fat is the worse type of fat you can have because it secretes the hormone ghrelin which is referred to as the “hunger hormone.” It’s a horrible cycle- the more fat you gain the hungrier you become. The second obesity subtype is linked to increased insulin levels and increased inflammation. Ozempic works by regulating blood sugar, decreasing inflammation, and causing the release of hormones (such as incretin) that make you feel full instead of hungry. Ozempic essentially helps to break the negative hormone cycle that prevents many people from losing weight.

Who can take Ozempic?

Generally, Ozempic is best suited for people who are overweight with a body mass index of 26 or above. Essentially people who have 10 more pounds to lose. Ozempic is not an as needed or very short-term weight loss solution. Because Ozempic has to be increased slowly to a maximal dose, one should expect a minimum of 8-12 week duration of therapy. Ozempic is not a “quick
drop” “crash diet’ weight loss solution. It is meant to be paired with small but consistent lifestyle changes over time for longer lasting results.

Who should not take Ozempic?

Most people can safely take Ozempic for weight loss, but there are some medicines or medical conditions that would make the risks outweigh the benefits of Ozempic.

 Allergy to Ozempic or ingredient
 In combination with other diabetes medicines
 Digestive problems such as history of gallbladder issues or pancreatitis
 Pregnancy or breastfeeding
 Persons who need to lose only a small amount of weight (BMI of 26 and below)
 History of certain kinds of thyroid cancer or family history of multiple endocrine

This is not a complete list, a consultation with our medical provider will review full medical history to identify certain individuals who are not appropriate candidates for Ozempic.

Will Ozempic work for me?

While we cannot guarantee weight loss, the research studies of Ozempic have
shown it to be extremely effective. In the most recent studies, 80% of participants lost 15% or more of their body weight. That means participants weighing 200 pounds lost 30 or more pounds taking Ozempic / Semiglutide (active ingredient in Ozempic). See research studies section.

How do I get Ozempic? Do I have to see a doctor?

Ozempic is a prescription medication. Our medically supervised weight loss program includes and requires a consultation with a medical practitioner to properly evaluate risks and benefits for each individual interested in taking Ozempic. After virtual consultation by medical provider, the medication will be prescribed and shipped direct by one of our accredited pharmacies. If an individual does not qualify for the medication, the medical practitioner will
advise as why Ozempic is not appropriate (see Who Should Not Take Ozempic).

Do I have to have bloodwork done?

We also encourage you to follow your health improvement progress by monitoring improved cholesterol (especially LDL / triglycerides) as well as HgA1c. Labs can be ordered by your current medical provider or through one of our lab partners. Labs are not required to participate in our program but since the overall goal is improving health (not just weight loss), it often is helpful to note tangible, real results.

How exactly does the program work?

Dr. Gater’s mission is to is help people live healthier, happier lives. While our medically supervised weight loss program is centered around affordable Ozempic / Semiglutide, the focus of the program is help clients make small changes with the goal of achieving and maintaining big results. With that goal in mind, providing affordable medication with education / coaching for lifestyle changes is essential. Our program is centered around health coaching to assist in understanding how to eat for your individual needs / body composition. Our comprehensive
program provides a Bluetooth enabled scale which allows you to upload not just your weight but muscle mass and body fat percentage to our app. The app allows you to communicate with your health coach, ask questions, participate in coaching sessions and it provides consistent feedback teaching you how to make small adjustments in the foods you eat to help achieve longer lasting results.

How are you different from other websites advertising Ozempic / Wegovy?

We are drastically different because our program does not provide a prescription for medication, we actually provide the medication directly to you after consultation with one of our medical providers. We offer generic Semiglutide and brand Ozempic physician prescribed and shipped directly to you from one of our preferred fully accredited pharmacies. Most importantly, we offer a comprehensive program that includes health coaching and a holistic approach focused on helping you to maintain

Can Ozempic be used for weight loss?

While not technically FDA approved for weight loss, Ozempic is the SAME EXACT
medication (Semiglutide) made by the SAME pharmaceutical company (Novo Nordisk) as Wegovy which is FDA approved for weight loss. After noticing patients lost significant weight on Ozempic, the pharmaceutical company conducted studies specifically for weight loss and received FDA approval under a new name, Wegovy. The only difference between Wegovy and Ozempic is that the Wegovy is dosed slightly higher for maximal weight loss.

Is Ozempic safe to take?

Most people can safely take Ozempic for weight loss but a consultation with our medical provider will review full medical history to identify certain individuals who are not appropriate candidates for Ozempic.

Is Ozempic FDA approved?

The active ingredient in Ozempic (Semiglutide) is FDA approved for weight loss( under the brand name Wegovy).

What’s Dr. Gater’s expert opinion on Ozempic?

It’s not a mystery why obesity in Americans has tripled over the last fifty years. We tend to blame it on fast food, portion sizes, busy sedentary lifestyles. But, in my opinion, the cause is clear. Our food has been altered in manner that sets us up to become obese and stay obese. For example, trans-fats added to food for taste, texture and shelf life have been linked to increased insulin levels and increased belly fat. Our food is quick, convenient, great for “on-the-go” but it is also adulterated and no longer pure, nutritious or sustaining. Not to mention, Americans are incessantly marketed to and encouraged to overeat. We eat
when we’re sad, eat when we’re celebrating, eat when we’re bored, eat when we’re anxious, eat when we’re upset. Do we every eat just because we’re hungry anymore? Do we even know when we’re hungry and when we’re full anymore?
Despite recognizing obesity as a major health issue, the obesity rate in America continues to grow. Nearly half of all Americans (49.1%) have tried to lose weight in the previous 12 months. Many Americans been tricked and trapped on a viscous roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain that overtime damages metabolism, making it nearly impossible to lose weight. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. No really, it’s not your fault. And it’s not your imagination. Eating certain foods like chocolate or any food that you crave (makes your mouth water, can’t wait to eat, you get it)
increases endorphins. Endorphins are the “happy brain chemicals” like Serotonin and Dopamine that lift mood and help reduce stress. So, it’s not your imagination that the chocolate sundae makes you feel better- it does, for a few minutes. Long term is the problem. Long term an unhealthy, unbalanced diet leads to the accumulation of fat and inflammation (aka obesity) which can result in diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Perhaps even worse, the more fat we accumulate, the less muscle mass, the slower our metabolism and
hungrier we feel setting us up for more weight gain. Ozempic is the first medication that has been shown to reset or essentially help heal broken
metabolism. Ozempic is absolutely a game changer. Patient’s say to me all the time- “Doc, if I could just get a pill that could make it so I wasn’t hungry all the time and control my cravings.” Well, it’s not a pill, it’s a shot but in my experience and opinion, Ozempic is just that. In my opinion, Ozempic and GLP-1 medications are going to revolutionize the way we treat not just diabetes but also obesity.

Can I take Ozempic if I’m not diabetic or pre-diabetic?

Yes. Ozempic was originally developed for diabetics. Ozempic helps to maintain steady blood levels by stimulating natural insulin release in the body; however, it does not cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The active ingredient in Ozempic, Semiglutide is approved for weight loss under the brand name Wegovy.

What is Semiglutide?

Semiglutide is the active ingredient (compound) in Ozempic.

What do research studies with Ozempic show?

The initial clinical trials on Ozempic, SUSTAIN 7 and SUSTAIN FORTE were randomized controlled trials on approximately 1000 patients. SUSTAIN 7 demonstrated in an average weight loss of 9.3 pounds with Ozempic dosed at 0.5mg. SUSTAIN FORTE demonstrated an average weight loss of 14 pounds with Ozempic titrated / dosed to 2mg. The most common side effects in both
trials were related to “stomach upset’ (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and less commonly constipation). More recent studies like STEP 3 dosing Semiglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic) up to 2.4mg demonstrated that more than half of participants lost 15% of overall body weight and 30-40% of participants lost 20% of body weight.