LipoVite Plus

LipoVite Plus

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*The purchase of this product requires an individualized consultation (separate fee) that requires a 15 minute telemedicine visit and establishment as a patient in our practice. At that time an individualized treatment plan will be initiated with appropriate therapy based on your medical history and health assessment.*

What is LipoVite?

LipoVite injections contain a combination of several vitamins and lipotropic amino acids. Lipotropic agents are a class of substances that play an important role in the body's use of fat. Through their involvement in lipid (fat) metabolism, lipotropics help to maintain a healthy liver.

What are possible benefits?

  •  increased energy
  • improved thought process
  • elevated moods/decreased irritability
  • weight loss

It can be given alone or in conjunction with Vitamin B-12 shots and/or phentermine. Lifestyle changes including dietary modification and exercise are essential to achieving optimal weight loss and weight maintenance. LipoVite injections are only a supplement to these lifestyle changes and are not alone guaranteed to result in weight loss.