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“Girl power” has remained a central theme in Sabrina Peterson’s life for many years. When she opened Glambar in Atlanta and transformed the beauty salon into a celebrity hot spot, the powerful entrepreneur became a well-known figure and gained connections to very high-profile names. She has since transformed her method of helping women become their best selves by becoming a mentor to those who have big goals of becoming their own boss, but not before she learned from one of the most trying times in her life.

Peterson enacted her plan through her financial empowerment program, Glam University, uses coaching and speaking engagements to encourage women to think outside the box. She released a documentary, I Am Girl Power, in December 2015 that gathered businesswomen from various lines of work to discuss their journeys.

Here's an excerpt from her Rolling Out Magazine Interview- 

Describe your coaching style.
Unconventional, straight from the hip and no-nonsense.

What are your top three business book recommendations?
Million Dollar Woman by Julia Pimsleur
Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder
The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield

What are three common business mistakes business owners make before they seek coaching?
Being cheap and ultimately losing money due to a lack of personal expertise. … Getting business advice but not [properly] executing it.

Why is it important for mothers to be businesswomen?
Mothers are key mentors for our children and children learn more from example than they do words. Being a businesswoman allows your children to grow with you and learn from business greats and woes.

Why is it important for female business owners to support each other?
It’s important to support each other due to the need to create a culture in which we embrace and assist in cultivating each other’s dreams.

How should women approach working in industries that were traditionally male-dominated?
Be extremely knowledgeable in your industry. Know: “she who knows the most, wins” and don’t let emotions affect your work ethic.

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